Global Diplomatic Forum


The Global Diplomatic Forum is an independent, not-for-profit organisation   dedicated to promoting and contributing to global prosperity by initiating and   fostering sustainable partnerships between diplomatic services, government   agencies, politicians, media, NGOs, academics and businesses.

The multi-stakeholder community that forms the Global Diplomatic Forum is a   platform dedicated to spearheading its theme of entrepreneurial diplomacy to   proactively shape and impact the global future.

Current programmes :

  • Global Diplomatic Forum Index  (Diplomatic Performance Benchmarking
  • Building Diplomatic Capacity for the  Least Developed Countries
  • The Future of the European Union’s Foreign  Affairs and Security Policy
  • Diplomacy in the Middle East and North  Africa
  • Regional Aspects of Security in the  Balkan and Southern East Europe Region
  • Conflict Resolution in the African  Continent
  • International Cooperation for Global  Energy Security
  • Preventing Sexual Violence against Women in Conflict and War Zones
  • Sports and Public Diplomacy
  • Young Diplomats Forum

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